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Finding a winning combination of team.

piRMS - Recruitment Management System

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piRMS helps staffing and recruiting department in making their job super simple. Easy to use Recruitment Software to track their job openings, resumes, candidates, clients and contacts - quickly and efficiently. Getting the right candidate by spending more time on doing best rather ending up spending your valuable time on the process and paperwork.

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piRMS has strong tracking on the recruitment process by providing different features like Verification on Job Details, Job Postings, Status Flow on Opening’s, Profile Submitting, Recruiter goals & targets and Profile Screening. Option for Automated Emails, Timely Updates, Assignments and Re-assignments, Informative Dashboards and Huge Reporting and many more.

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Why Choose piRMS

  • 360° view of Recruitment
  • Multi Company Management
  • Dashboards for Directors, HR(s), DM(s), Recruiters
  • Branded Careers Page
  • Post to multiple JOB boards with one click
  • Self-rating by candidates on skills required
  • Profile auto formatting
  • Auto alerts to Candidates and HR(s)/Recruiter(s)
  • Interview management
  • Manage Background Verification
  • HR Letters

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