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Digitally transforming your workplace to reduce inefficiency, cut operational costs and save time.

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Centralized Management Dashboard

Quickly setup and manage your lobby from a single dashboard. Get real-time intelligence to manage all the data you need to make fast decisions, measure success and plan for the future.

Works Anywhere, On Any Device

piLoby works anywhere you work. We host the application and you log on from any web browser. Custom displays allow you to make an impression.

Create Custom Visitor Types

Using piLoby, you can manage your visitors without taking up your reception staff’s time. The self-check in touchscreen service allows visitors to confirm their details, agree to your conditions, and informs their host that they have arrived.

Keep Your Office Safe

Visitor Watchlist lets you keep an eye out for potential threats to your office. Make sure everyone gets out safely in an emergency.

Painless Badge Printing

Take the headaches out of printing badges, piLoby prints them for you.

How it works

Quick and Easy Visitor Check-In

Visitors check-in using an intuitive tablet interface. Streamline guest, employee, vendor & contractor registration to save time and make a better first impression.

Real-time Host Notification

Send visitors and hosts a friendly text or email reminder before their visit, at check in and at check out.

Visitor facial recognition

You can be sure you’re capturing an accurate photo for security and / or badge purposes.

Multi-company/tenant support

Welcome visitors for more than one company from the same tablet.


piLoby has helped create a professional reception area while making the management of visitor’s more efficient.
This has made managing a large office so much easier. What a gamechanger.
I highly recommend piLoby to anyone who is looking to manage their workplace more effectively. Their user-friendly interface makes doing everything.

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