piETBS Smart and Innovative Idea that
Tracks office phone usage
reducing company expenses.

piETBS - Employee Tele Billing System

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piETBS , Put creative ideas into practice. Group employees, understand their frequency on productive usage of office phone calls- Landline / Mobiles. Direct and consistent mapping on the office calls during non-business/business hours help company economy.

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Customizable and ready solution by just adding office phone number with employee details makes it working. piETBS can upload local service provider bills into the system. Auto-populating in employee self-service for marking the official usage of the office calls. Identifies company cost and personal cost automatically.

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Why Choose piETBS

  • Built-in framework to process du, Etisalat monthly bills
  • Interface to map employee – landline / mobile
  • Track Office phone usage
  • Interface to create and upload employee data
  • Dashboards for Finance users
  • Employee Self-Service portal to declare personal use and official use
  • Detailed and Summary Call Reports
  • Reduce company expenses
  • Improves Office calls productivity

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