Your fastest path to know your customer experience In just 30 sec, capture the critical human insights you need to confidently
deliver what customers want and expect.

Why choose pi Happiness?



Are you curious about your customers' satisfaction? Or are you in need of customer feedback in a physical location? Either way, you can use piHappiness App to ask questions to your customer



Use our piHappiness app for iPad to follow your surveys from day to day. View results in online reports or download to analyze your data. Our intuitive system is built to give you the most effective customer feedback.



piHappiness makes action even easier with notification triggers, while our dashboards can help target, track and reach important KPIs. As a result, our survey app can provide data that facilitates concrete measures and real change.

Real-time customer satisfaction survey

Use our piHappiness survey app for iPad for real time customer feedback. That way you can keep track
of the single most important thing for your business

Understand your customers to serve them better.

Using proactive mobile communication tools, we empower companies to deeply understand their customers in order to drive app downloads, create seamless customer experiences, and validate product roadmaps.

A great android app for Customer Feedback

Use our piHappiness app for tablet to measure service levels and strive for improvement to retain and attract new customers and consequently turn a higher profit. Listen and improve customer satisfaction

Simple and quick. Great response rates.

It’s time to stop interrupting customers with links to long form surveys. Make it easier for your customers to tell you how they feel. When a customer clicks an icon, their response is immediately recorded

Powerful analytics and alerts platform tracks real time feedback

Know instantly who is happy and who is not. Be alerted in real time to issues so you can act immediately. See responses and comments by team, region, agent… anything!

The simplest way to increase customer satisfaction scores

Know how a visitor’s experience is going – with just one quick click. Now you can fix any issues before your customer leave.

Insight Driven Reporting

Everything you create and collect is 100% protected and is yours, view feedback in real-time and let our reporting make sense of the data.

Your staff responds

Whenever you receive feedback, your team can immediately handle the situation. Personalize each response and create opportunities to surprise and delight.

Customers leave satisfied

Your speedy resolution means your visitors will enjoy a better experience and be more likely to return and leave a positive review.

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