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Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions

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Business Intelligence

Paraminfo delivers impeccable services on business intelligence solutions that cater to the varied requirements of both business analysts and users. While the former keen on pre-established flexibility, the latter leans on reports. With the encompassing experience that the experts at Paraminfo harbours, we can amalgamate the required features under the wing of a comprehensive solution package.

Why ParamInfo?

Paraminfo houses a decade worth of experience where they have helped companies in making the most out of data. Paraminfo has offered and delivered upon the solutions about BI solutions and data analytics to organizations of various niches. Paraminfo has reinforced resources with a wide array of BI tools ranging from data visualization apps to open-sourced platforms based intelligence solutions.

Our typical BI solution framework and its stages

Exploring the unknown
Here we explore and scrutinize the long-term and short term business goals. We look up for the data that we can already muster from the available IT environment. Then we locate and address the gaps for further improvement.
Custom Demo Solution
Our primary focus is to cater to what a customer needs and we translate the needs into a demo that is based on real-time requirements. This helps our customers to rely on the tentative actions that BI solutions will help them take.
Contract Signature
This is where we agree on the features of the custom solution you require. Our estimations and financial requirements are produced to the customer, followed by the allocation of a BI team.
We take heed of the deadline and our solution reaches to our customers within the predefined dateline which can extend somewhere between 2 to 3 weeks.

BI Services We Offered

  Collecting data from different sources
  Integration, cleaning & parsing of data
  OLAP or Online Analytical Processing
  Pre-established dashboards & reports
  ETL and data warehouse

Customised BI services

Customer Analysis

  • - Customer Data Analysis
  • - Cart/Shopping Basket Analysis
  • - Cohort Analysis
  • - Spend History Analysis
  • - Complaint Complaint Analysis

Marketing Analysis

  • - Loyalty Program Analysis
  • - Market share analysis
  • - Portfolio analysis
  • - Brand Awareness Analysis
  • - Marketing Campaign Forecast

Sales Analysis

  • - Profitability Analysis
  • - Progress Analysis
  • - Category Performance
  • - Seasonal Sales Analysis

E-commerce Analysis

  • - Conversion Rate Assessment
  • - Vistor’s Engagment Assessment
  • - Coupon Analysis
  • - Assortment Analysis

Data Science Services

To articulate a summary of Paraminfo's involvement with data science will require an in-depth study. However, we have been implementing data science in various forms that range from machine learning to statistics and to even deep learning techniques.

What are the benefits of Data Science Services?

Paraminfo's data science consulting is a holistic one that devotes itself to data science services. Once implemented, the solutions acquired brings significant improvement to the business irrespective of the niche they belong to.

Predictive Analysis
Paraminfo provides data science encompassing their experience, catering to the organizational needs. We have exhaustive knowledge in Machine Learning Algorithms, data mining tactics, and business cases which will provide your company with the innovative trajectory in developing new technology and garner revenue.
Data Strategy
Our assistance is as exhaustive as our knowledge. Our clients will be assisted in understanding the areas that can fast-track their growth with the various data-driven solution. Paraminfo follows an integrative approach that enables a holistic outlook on the business. We can locate and conduct a streamlined pathway for valuable business impact.
Information Management
If the management of a company's information asset is in question, then the answer lies in the hands of our data engineers, DevOps and consultants. With real-time monitoring to using automated techniques, our team can set up a secure framework for companies to expand and extend. Expect us to work with your data in compliance with your business requirement.
Scientific Advisory
Paraminfo offers an expert solution to universities, research institutes, private equity and niche businesses. Our team can consult and advise you on the emergent technologies, CTO services, R&D and the best industrial practices. Our team can proficiently deliver leadership for any research groups or assist in any product or experimental work.

What Technologies Do We Use?

Programming languages

  • - Scala
  • - R
  • - Python
  • - Java
  • - Frameworks


  • - TensorFlow
  • - Caffe
  • - Apache MXNet
  • - Apache Mahout
  • - Libraries


  • - Scikit-learn
  • - SpaCy
  • - Amazon Machine Learning
  • - Azure ML Studio
  • - Gensim

Big Data Solutions

All the modern business processes involve a huge generation and flow of data. If this data utilized properly, it can give long-term insights and help businesses make critical decisions at the right time.

Why ParamInfo?

For over 10 years, ParamInfo has been providing its customers big data services which include big data consulting, big data solutions, support and as well as for analytics, which allows them to extract the full potential from their valuable data.

Big Data Services we offer

Big Data Consulting
Whether you are a company that is looking to integrate Big Data solutions with your business implementation or an organization looking to improve upon the existing Big Data solution, we deal with both cases. By offering comprehensive consultation with a targeted approach on a case-by-case basis.
Big Data Implementation
Our implementation of Big Data Solutions follows a roadmap that includes a specific architecture involving Data Lakes, Data Warehouses, dashboard and reports. Here is how we do it - By setting up quality management and data security practices.
Big Data Support
With the implementation of your Big Data Solutions, we also offer administration of the applied solutions. These support activities include software up-gradation, handling various permissions, and the addition of new users. By conducting regular health checks, we ensure that your applications are still running smoothly in a secure way.
Managed Analytics
By providing professionally managed analytics services, we hope to provide our customers with the perfect tools to help their business reach the next big stage. By taking responsibility for the value of analytical insights that you get from our solutions.

Data Intelligence Services

Data is the centre of every operation run by your company, whether it is finding a new market for your business or devising marketing plans, analyzing the success of your marketing efforts, etc. Accurate and timely data can give you actual insights that you may well find to be really helpful. In the modern world, where everything and everyone is constantly on the move, it becomes really difficult to keep tabs on all the data.

Why ParamInfo?

For over 10 years, ParamInfo has been providing its customers with full Data Intelligence services. These services include Data Intelligence Solutions, Marketing intelligence solutions as well as Data Marketing solutions. We analyze the interconnections between different paths and problems, find the root causes of the same, and then build up methodical solutions that work to make a difference.

Data Intelligence Services we Offer

As any data intelligence operation has all the business and technological aspects in the mix, we ensure that each project is assigned to a dedicated team. This team usually consists of both an Analyst and a consultant to render the best in class services

Data Intelligence
As a Business to Business company (B2B), if you need to expand your business and get ahead of the curve, then using the usual marketing approaches won’t really work. You’ll need to keep track of every slight development in the market with the contemporary market trends. At ParamInfo we do just that with we comprehensively built Data Intelligence Solutions aimed at Marketing.
Market Intelligence
While planning marketing strategies, most marketers forget to plan for one of the most important things, up-to-date data. See, people are always changing jobs, locations, houses, bank accounts and it is really important to get up-to-date data for a marketing strategy to be hit. At ParamInfo, using our Data Intelligence Solutions we make sure that all your data is up-to-date and reaches the designated audience.

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